Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last week, at a jewellery party (yes, I went to another Cookie Lee party), one of the women I know from my MOPS group told me that I always looked so put together. I was gobsmacked (isn't that a great word?!) because I feel as though I am always sort of a mess. I thanked her but explained that all I ever wear are jeans and t-shirts (long sleeves or 3/4 length or short sleeves but they are all t-shirts). She said that everyone tells her to invest in a good, expensive pair of jeans. I said no, my favourite jeans were "two-fifty". Clearly she misunderstood because she made a comment about how she could never spend more than $100 on a pair of jeans. No, I said, I meant two dollars and fifty cents! I bought them at Sears. They were marked down to $24.99 then were on sale for 90% off the lowest price. I probably love them more for the price than for how they actually look on me!

So, I wear inexpensive clothes. There is nothing fancy in my closet. Well, that is not true. I do have my fancy outfit that I wore to Ramona's wedding. And my wedding dress (my mom brought it down last year she was here) but even that was not expen$ive...I bought it on clearance from a wedding shop! Now, I have been buying more expen$ive shoes the past couple of years because my feet are old and get sore when I wear cheap shoes (but I still look for sales and check out the clearance rack!).

There are several reasons why I do not spend a lot of money on clothes. The first, of course, is that I do not have a lot of money. And as a stay-at-home mom, I don't feel that I could justify spending a ton of money on clothes that would only be worn around the house, to Co$tco or to the bus stop.

Another reason is that there are some perfectly nice clothes out there that are reasonably priced. If that woman thinks that I am put together wearing my $2.49 jeans from Sears and my t-shirts from Costco, how can I justify buying more expensive clothes?

And of course the biggest reason is that one day I am going to lose some weight and it would be a complete waste of money to have to get rid of my expen$ive wardrobe, right?

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