Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu?

I am trying to decide if I should be concerned about the Swine Flu. Some news reports have said that it is not as serious as initially thought while others make it sound as though if I don't have my stash of Tamiflu, I am as good as dead. And we are heading off on holidays in a few days. Granted, it is not to Mexico but it is on a plane for 5 hours, breathing in recirculated air. And at this point I should mention that I have gone to Bartells already to buy some of those face masks (but they were sold out!).

I am a "worst-case scenario" person so it would be quite easy for me to freak out about it but I have decided to remain calm and do something constructive. Like PACK for my trip and also top up our emergency supplies. I need to buy more water and I think we'll be set for 3 Days 3 Ways.

And I promise not to freak out when Jax tells me in the morning that his throat hurts (he was grumbling about it before bed). And I promise not to get worried when my stuffy nose gets a little worse (still allergy season, right?). And I am ignoring Dex's cough (wasn't that antibiotic supposed to clear it all up?).

So there, I am not worrying. But, know that tomorrow I will hit another Bartells (and RiteAid) in search of face masks. Or, I wonder if those disposable respirator masks at Home Depot would be better?

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