Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ok, things are coming along nicely and I haven't started to freak out yet about the trip. I get so stressed out when traveling, especially when flying. Ok, ~breathe~.

Stephen is working all kinds of insane hours this week to get something completed before we go away. He has not been home for dinner yet this week and will not be home tonight and probably tomorrow night. On the plus side, he is taking Friday off work.

Jax has to build a capsule for the school's egg drop which happens next week while we are not here. His teacher told him "just" to turn it in on Friday. He keeps forgetting to ask her if the egg needs to be in it then. And if so, will it turn rotten by next Thursday when they do the drop? Well, we won't be here so I won't have to worry about the stench from a rotten egg, right?

Yesterday when I was volunteering in the kindergarten class, the janitor came around with a huge can of some disinfectant and was spraying all of the door handles. Trying to kill off all of the germs and potential-swine flu virus, I guess. Too bad he did not spray each keyboard and mouse at the computer stations. OMG, the kindergarteners sit at the computer sucking their fingers or wiping their noses with their hands and then touching the mouse and keyboard. ~gag~ When I leave I immediately go and wash my hands or wipe them with wipes in my car. So gross!

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