Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I think I have writer's block. All I can write about is my day-to-day happenings but I have a million little stories and thoughts in my head to share but they just won't come out. So, looks like you get another "Dear Diary, Today I ..." story.

Dex has a friend named J at school. He has been here a few times and he was at Dex's sleepover b-day party last year. Cars is smitten with this kid. He is a nice kid and he pays attention to Cars when he is over and that's why, I think. Anyway, J was one of two J's in Dex's class last year so Cars calls him by his full name which is pretty cute. Anyway, J's mom is a substitute teacher at the school and she subs often in the kindergarten class. The first time she subbed, I did not realize that it was she who was the teacher and Cars kept talking about Mrs. H this and Mrs. H that (I did not put it together that she was JH's mom). When I found out, I told Cars that she was JH's mom and his eyes widened and he was so excited that he had to tell Dex (who already knew).

So, today I was in the class and Mrs. H was helping out the teacher (Cars' teacher was doing individual testing with the kids). Cars was so sweet the way he looked at Mrs. H. Jax thinks Cars is weird for liking a teacher and Jax thinks she looks like a dark-haired Delores Umbridge. She kind of does but she also reminds me of Snow White. Anyway, Cars is very happy that Mrs. H will be in his class again tomorrow. I love it when kids think the sun rises and sets on their teachers. Now Cars also likes that jerk music teacher but I don't think that is cute.

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