Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wow, have had such fabulous weather for over a week now! We deserve it after the crappy winter and spring (and even last summer!) that we've had.

Today, Dex and Cars had baseball games. There is just one more weekend left of baseball...I think. I wonder if Dex will have tournaments after next weekend. I hope not. We've scheduled his birthday party (sleepover - ugh) for two weeks from now so hopefully he will not have a game to interfere with it.

After baseball ends, we'll have a quiet couple of weeks before school ends then summer activities begin. I need to get them registered for golf and I am waiting to hear back from the swim instructor about lessons for the summer. Other than that, I have not registered them in any camps. I've already changed my guitar lesson to an evening timeslot for the summer and I am on the look out for a babysitter for a couple of hours on Wednesdays so I can still go to my circuit training class at least once each week.

I hope this great weather keeps up and that we have a fantastic summer!

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