Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tomorrow is the last day of MOPS for me. Forever. Oh, I hope I don't cry. This is a milestone because it means that I no longer have a child considered a "preschooler" (kindergarten is still considered preschool for MOPS).

The MOPS weeks would roll around (we met every other Thursday), and I would think "OMG I AM TOO BUSY TO GO TO THIS FLUFF!" but then I would go and there would be a speaker who would seem to speak directly to me or the craft would be a lot of fun or I would have a really great conversation with one of the other moms at my table and I would think "Wow, I love this!".

I know I almost drove myself back to crazy when I was doing the crafts for MOPS because it really was a lot of work and I did most of it myself instead of asking for help, which was completely stupid. But, I did enjoy planning it and I think the crafts that I did were great (giving myself a fat head here). Anyway, I will miss the crafts a lot.

This year we had "Secret Prayers Sisters". We drew names and would pray for the person whom we chose. I think the person whom I chose knows it is me. Tomorrow is the Secret Sister reveal so I will ask her if she knew it was me. She made a comment once about my hand-writing (we write little cards back and forth) so that made me think that my crappy penmanship gave it away. We'll see...

And I wish that they had a life after MOPS group. I know MOPS is going to start one for Mothers of School-aged children but it is not up and running yet and definitely not in conjunction with our MOPS group. If I were the type, I would try to start one. I would be happy to be involved in getting it going but not in spearheading it. That is not my forté .

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