Thursday, May 28, 2009

Isn't it funny when your first child is in kindergarten and has to make an animal habitat you go all out and help them make something that clearly was not done by the child other than them saying "Ok" when you ask "Should we put this here?" Then your next child you are a little more hands off. By the time the third child comes along, you aren't really doing much at all.

Here is an example... Cars' Tiger Habitat

I hot glued the rocks in the box. And I made an example tiger body and he copied it. That is NOT the way I would have done the head but whatever - and what is with that SMILE on the tiger? If that had been Jax's project we (I) would have practiced drawing it over and over again until we (I) got it just right. Oh, who am I kidding? I would have run out and bought a plastic tiger to put in the habitat! And plastic trees and maybe used blue cellophane for the water. And the rocks would all match because we'd (I'd) have made them out of papier-mâché and have painted them all a nice sienna colour. Maybe I'd have let Jax put one dab of paint on the fake rocks. Maybe.

Anyway, I cannot decide if I am a better mother now or a worse one for not being as hands-on with this project as I would have been (and have been) with the other two kids.

So, this is the tiger habitat that Cars made for school.

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