Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Wake me up when September Ends

September is always so busy.  Besides the kids starting back to school (which was today of course), this is the month for Curriculum Nights, High School Community events, hockey tryouts and evaluations, appointments to be made that had been put off all summer while the kids were home (carpet cleaning, mammograms, dentist appointments, oil changes, new tires, MOMS group starting back up, wood carving classes starting back up, etc).  Busy busy busy! 

I have decided to cut back even more with volunteering at the school and have limited myself to art start for Cars' class and donating items for the staff appreciation at the middle and high school (yes, sign me up to bring in a case of Diet Dr. Pepper or a tub of grated parmesan cheese from Costco!).  And already I feel so much better about it all.  No room mom or party planning.  No vision and hearing screening (although I did enjoy doing this), no health room, no photocopying or selling popcorn at events.  There is no Art Gallery night at the elementary school this year (they have decided to alternate years with Science night) so I won't be doing that either. 

And I will not be volunteering to be Cars' (or Jax's) hockey team manager.

I am busy enough without adding that stress to my family.  While I would love to be someone who handles pressure and stress with grace, I do not and I have learned to accept that about myself. Only took nearly half a century!

So I will breathe breathe breathe away the busy this month and come October, just be not busy.

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