Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I let Jax drive to his hockey practice the other night. He hadn't yet driven to this particular rink but knew the way.  I had to tell him occasionally that he was riding a bit too far to the right.

The rink is off a two lane highway and as we approached the intersection to turn left, he had a green light so he turned.  The problem was that there was a car coming in the opposite direction and he turned in front of that car!  Fortunately, the car wasn't close enough to hit us.  

Me (yelling) : "Why didn't you stop?"
Jax:  "Because I had a green light!"
Me: "So did the other car!"
Jax "That makes no sense!"
Me (thinking): WTF!!

Then I realized that around here, virtually every intersection has a dedicated green light (usually green arrow) to turn left so he is not used to turning left if he does not have the right of way. 

I drove home that night and we discussed right of way and other important intersection tips.


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