Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dex is still struggling with the workload in Algebra this year.  When I suggest that he transfer into grade 8 math a meltdown always ensues.  I guess we will just wait until the first unit test and if he does not get a B I think the teacher will automatically transfer the kids out.  I can only hope the hours of moaning and ranting is wearing on me.  He gets stuck in these thoughts and will focus on one particular thing and no amount of rational explanation will get him out of it.  It reminds me of how he was a few years ago when we had to take him to counseling (where he was subsequently diagnosed with anxiety) only it seems worse now because he is 13, 5'8" and one does not expect a teenager to act this way (irrationally at times, yes.  But not for hours).  I think sometimes that we may be headed back to counseling and perhaps treatment for anxiety?  Or at the very least, have the counselor teach him how to calm himself down and get out of these irrational thought cycles.

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