Sunday, September 15, 2013

TOmorrow starts the third week of school for this year.  Jax was upset that he had no friends in any of his classes but I guess things have gotten better because he has not complained about it since the first day of school.  This past weekend I had him take a practice SAT at the high school and he complained about THAT though.  It was 4.5 hours of testing and I had him go in cold just to get an idea of what it was like so most likely he bombed part of it, especially the math sections. He had hockey evaluations this weekend and last and it will continue this week and next weekend.  Looks like there will be just one Midget team this year (vs the three Bantam teams last year).  I guess as kids get older they stop playing.  I'd like to see him play through high school.

Dex is enjoying school although he got into Algebra and is a little overwhelmed with the amount of homework.  I suggested that he could drop down to Grade 8 math but then he had a meltdown, so sure that by doing so would ruin his "career".  Whatever.  I could not talk to him like that (this meltdown happened last Monday night).  He has been ok since but we will wait until his first test and if he does not do well I will move him back to Grade 8 math. He says he "guessed a lot" on the placement test.  Hmmmm....

Cars is very happy at school. He likes his teacher and the girls in his class!  Today he told me he was ready for his birthday party and gave me a list of people to invite.  There were 4 boys and 4 girls on the list.  Uh-huh. 

Cars was cut the from rep hockey team today.  He mad it further into the tryouts than he did last year which is great.  He really did work his butt off and looked better than some of the kids who made the team but...he can be lazy and sometimes does not give 100% and two of the coaches who are coaching the rep teams know him and know what he does sometimes (claims to be tired and skates around the ice like he just does not care) so they clearly did not want him and influenced the third coach (we know this because Stephen talked to them).  But that is ok.  Cars will do just fine in rec hockey and our lives will be easier with no travel except for perhaps one tournament over the holidays.  He is devastated that he will not be playing with his bff though (who did make one of the rep teams).

We are having rare thunderstorm right now.  Well, they used to be rare but we have had so many of them this year.  Climate change perhaps?!

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