Friday, September 27, 2013

Haywire Continued...

So you may remember my Haywired post.  We had an electrician come out two days after I posted it and he made the corrections and I waited and waited and waited to hear from the state but never did. I did check online a couple of weeks later and our permit cleared.  And I waited and then school started and I forgot about it.

Then last week I received a note from the state telling me that I had failed to respond to the corrections within 15 days.  The problem was that I never received a report from the state!  I called them immediately and the guy who said he would need to do research and call me back which he did 2 days later only to pass me along to another guy.  That guy told me that (I cannot believe he told me this) the original inspector was diagnosed with "something that you never want to be diagnosed with" and was out on disability.  So it seems that I never received the report that I was supposed to and this warning letter that I received was supposed to go to the appliance store.

So, he called the appliance store who put him in touch with the installer who called me and said I had to apply for a new permit and they would pay for it.  The permit would bring a state inspector out.  So, I applied for the permit and they sent me a check while we waited for the inspector. 

In the meantime, I got another letter from the state saying that I had failed to respond to the warning letter (so not true) and I was going to be fined $250 AND my electricity might be cut off!  WTF?!?!

So I called in a panic and they told me to ignore the letter because it was sent in error.  And then the inspector showed up.  We went over all of the details again and he asked for a copy of the check from the appliance store and then checked out the electrician's corrections.  He told me all looked good ...except that there was a red wire nut on the wire and it needs to be blue.  Again, WTF!!  Were they just being uber picky (as appliance store believes) or was this really a problem?! 

My designer (who hooked me up with this electrician) got the electrician to send someone out today to "fix" it but now I wait to see if yet another permit is required or if we are good with the way things are.

This cooktop has been a friggin' pain in the ass.  If it did not boil water so quickly (and look so great) I would say it has not even been worth getting!

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