Saturday, August 24, 2013


Here is our lovely new granite counter with our new induction cooktop that we cannot use.
It is a terribly long story but the bottom line is that Washington State's Labor and Industries came to inspect the wiring job that we had done (new circuit to accommodate our new cooktop).  They also inspected the cooktop since it happened to already be installed.  The guy said it was installed incorrectly and told us not to use it and we have 15 days to have it fixed.  He wrote up the problem against the appliance store who seem to be crying foul over this, saying he was being super picky.  We, in the meantime, have hired the electrician to come back and install the wiring of the cooktop correctly and the appliance store says they will reimburse us for that cost (but nevermind the original $300 that we paid them to do it correctly, which they did not).  Apparently a new permit has to be submitted (at a cost of $85) which I have told them I am in way am paying for.  And we have 15 days to have it corrected or we will be fined or something.  Un-friggin-believable.
Pizza for dinner tonight.  Should be arriving at the door very soon.

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