Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer seems like now that it is finally here it is just whizzing by!

Last week, Dex had his first appointment with his counselor. He seems to like her which is good. He did readily open up to her so hopefully he will be able to work though his issues/concerns quickly (my hopes!). He is still a wreck sometimes. He broke two glasses in the past three days and he has completely broken down and sobbed "I break EVERYTHING!". *sigh*

On Friday, it was our first day at the beach and we had a really good time. The bigger boys jumped off the diving board on the dock the whole time. Cars just played on the beach and in his floaty. I swam with him in the floaties out to the buoys and back. I am not a strong swimmer and I have absolutely no idea how deep that water is. I tried not to think about it too much. Next time we go I will bring his life vest so he can jump off the diving board too.

Ash is back from Florida so hopefully Spy, Ash and I will be able to get a Cosmo Friday in this summer. I cannot recall when we had one last. Before Ash moved, I think (before November). Or maybe it was last summer. The kids want to have their annual lemonade stand at the corner during a Cosmo Friday. We still have their money from the past two years and we'll have to ensure they go spend it on something fun.

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