Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer o'Fun 2010 Day 19

Not an exciting day today. I took the kids to the mall because I had to buy some new drinking glasses. I think we broke or cracked 5 glasses in the past week. One was spectacularly shattered when Dex dropped it (it was as spectacular as the shattering of the Corelle plate that Cars managed to drop a drinking glass on a couple of days ago). Anyway, after Crate and Barrel (cannot beat 95 cent juice glasses and $1.50 low ball glasses!), we hung out at the Lego store for a bit before we started a quest to find Ash's son a birthday present.

At the fifth store we stopped in (3rd since leaving the mall), we ran into a kid from Dex's class whom he had plans to have a play date with later in the day. The mom just offered to take Dex right then so I was light a kid for 5 hours today!

We still did not find the item that Jax was searching for but he had seen it online at K-Mart so he demanded that I drive to K-Mart to get it. The thing is, the nearest K-Mart is over 25 miles away so I told him no unless he'd like to pay me for my time and gas money. He was so irritated with me. All over a $16 toy.

After that exchange we drove home. I went out to do some yard work and saw a bunny sitting on my lawn eating away at the blades of grass. It did not even move when I started towards it. I finally threw a rock into the bushes behind it and it scampered off under the deck! Aargh! Our whole street is infested with rabbits. I have seen lots on our front lawn and down the street ducking into the bushes when I walk or drive by but I do not like them in my back yard. Where are the coyotes or owls when you need them?!

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