Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Summer o'Fun 2010 Day 15

Yeah - we have sun and warmth! In fact, it was hot-hot-hot today - 92F at the local junior high school.

This morning I took the boys to the orthodontist. Jax is probably 18 months to 2 years away from braces as it Dex. Cars however will probably end up with a palate expander and partial braces next summer if all of his upper teeth have grown in. Poor little boy.

Later in the day we went to the local farmer's market. It was so hot that it was hard to even look around and sadly, a lot of the produce was all wilted (all of the lettuces). Anyway, I did buy some organic eggs and some orange-honey hazelnuts (a "safe" nut for us). Oh my those hazelnuts were good!

After dinner, the kids and I spent time outside. They filmed bits of a movie they are making and I watered the garden and cut branches off a couple of the trees that are close to the house. Earlier in the day, I had a crawlspace and attic specialist come out to seal up some holes because we heard some critters in the attic two mornings in a row. I would like to think they were squirrels but the guy said they were probably rats. Eek! He said that trimming the trees will help ensure that they are not jumping from the trees onto the roof. Anyway, we also put some rat bait traps out so hopefully no more scratchy-scratchy sounds in the attic.

Tomorrow will be another hot day. I am having my hair cut (and Dex will get one too) in the morning then we'll have to find something to do before Dex has his first appointment with his therapist. Wish us luck!

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