Sunday, July 25, 2010

I spent this weekend cutting branches off trees and weeding. OMG, weeding! I filled up the yard waste container and a leaf bag that is about 3 1/2 feet high. Things around the front yard looks nicer but I definitely need to pull a few plants/shrubs and add some new ones.

We have a landscape service that comes to mow the lawn every week. It is owned by a neighbour from our previous house. They do pull some weeds in the garden but not always (it is just a mowing service we have so the weed pulling is bonus). I asked the owner to pull out a failed compost area in the back by the raspberries that the previous owners started and abandoned. And to put down more bark in the play area. So, he hired a couple of guys to come out to dig out the compost area. Then I saw a big black lab running around the yard. I was so mad because the black lab from across the street is always running around and crapping on my lawn (as well as everyone elses!). So there is that damn dog in my back yard and all I could think about was it pooping in the yard and the kids stepping in it. And I did not want the dog bugging the workers.

Anyway, I was on the telephone to a friend and I asked her to hang on for a min and I ran out the back and started shouting "(dog's name) GO HOME! GET OUT OF HERE! GO HOME DOG's NAME! GO!" and the guy digging out the compost area kept saying "It's ok! It's ok!" and I said "No, it is not!" then went back in the house to continue my conversation, ranting to my friend about that damn dog.

Much later in the day, after the workers left, I saw the black lab from across the street sniffing around my front yard. I was thinking "Gee, he looks bigger than he did earlier" and "I thought his collar was red" then "uh-oh!" The black lab in my yard earlier in the day was the dog of the owner of the landscaper. Then I realized that one of the guys who was doing the work must have been his oldest son. Gah! I was so embarrassed! I feel I need to apologize for my shouting performance.

And on top of all that, the damn black lab from across the street shat on my front lawn.

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