Monday, July 05, 2010

Summer o'Fun Day 13

Well, the sun still hasn't decided to show its pretty face in the past several days but there is hope that this week it will be sunny AND warm. We'll see...

Today we just recovered from the 4th of July. At the last minute we invited a few people over for dinner before we walked, in the rain, up to the city center to watch the fireworks(did I mention that it was raining?). It was a good show but there were so few people there because of the rain. At least, few people in the area we were sitting in which is normally PACKED (grassy area in the "lower commons"). Anyway, by the time we walked home it was after 11 and our friends stayed until nearly 12:30am so it was a very late night for everyone in the family.

As I mentioned, warm weather is in the forecast for the week so we might head to the beach for some sun. However, the lake will be freezing because it has barely been above 65 so far this summer. Brrrr!

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