Monday, March 30, 2015

The Ultimate F Word

Well, it is nearly here. My Fiftieth birthday is tomorrow.

The bad parts about turning 50 are as follows:

1) I now have crows' feet! I was genetically fortunate to inherit young-looking skin but the wrinkles are here. I guess I will embrace them.
2) My eyes! I need readers all.the.time now. A few years ago the eye doctor told me that my eyes were good "for your age". She no longer says that. And I have multiple pairs of cheap Costco readers all over the house and in the car.
3) My teeth! I broke a tooth a week ago Friday and last Monday I had to have it repaired (the tooth broke and the filling fell out). I had a bad reaction to the new type of freezing and then my gums got infected. I was using a rinse and now today they put me on antibiotics. Broken teeth make me feel old. How long until I have to get dentures?

Fifty sounds pretty old but I still feel so young. I guess everyone does, right? 

Some good things about turning 50:
1) I reached my goal of doing 50 classes at the gym before I turned 50 (starting in January). I am strong and I feel good.
2) I feel confident enough to call people out on their bad behavior. I do not need to be part of it and sometimes people just need to know they are being ridiculous (or mean or whatever).
3) I don't ever need to go camping again. Just kidding (maybe).

Upwards and onwards!

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