Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hassled and Harried

1) My tabs on my car expire tomorrow. Found out tonight that dh put the renewed tab on HIS car (because I have no idea why - all he had to do was read the ****ing piece of paper in which the tabs were attached to see where is says TOYOTA and not INFINITI). So now I have to go to the DOT with a signed affidavit and pay $9.95 to get new ones reissued to me. And he is acting all pissy as though it is my fault that he did this.

2) Trying to register Jax for the SAT test except that the college board has decided at some point to put a space in the middle of his compound first name and just before we hit SEND to register and pay a big WARNING comes up that the ID must match his registered name EXACTLY. Since we are not allowed to actually change his profile name, we stopped the registration and sent a letter to the college board to find out what to do. I am feeling so stressed out about this because his SAT prep classes start on Saturday and I feel so behind. I think most kids take the test in MAY but since we are late he is taking it in JUNE.
3) Cars is doing horribly in school and missing a week has not helped matters. I have sent a note to the counselor asking for help in helping him.

4) Pollen has been really bad (and so early) this year. Three times I have found myself struggling to breathe (twice while exercising and once at the orthodontist's office when they had a smelly candle, an oil infuser and a Glade plug-in and the air in the office was oppressive and I had to leave!). So I had to call the allergist (30 mins on hold!). They told me she had no openings until June but I asked to check the Seattle office schedule and I was able to get one for tomorrow but the office is 45 minutes away (with no traffic). So I have to drive into Seattle with horrible traffic to get to her office. The good news is that I will hopefully leave with a Rx for an inhaler.

5) I spoke to my aunt today and asked about when I *really* should come home to see my mom. I was thinking the end of April but then had an idea that maybe I should go in mid-May for her 80th birthday. My aunt said "can you come both times?" I just might have to. My mom is so frail and has problems thinking. I almost cannot even think about it much because I get so choked up.

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