Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today was the last day of school - hurray! Or oh no! I haven't any summer plans for us yet but we'll figure it out. We have had such rotten weather that it still feels like March! I sent the kids to school today wearing shorts but it was only 48 degrees as we walked to the bus stop. Brrr! It did warm up to the mid-50's by the time they got out at 11:30am and low 60's by dinner time. Still, let's see some sun and some temperatures in the 70's please!

I took the kids to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner to celebrate the end of the school year. One of the kids from Jax's grade (6th) works there (I guess his parents must own it or something). It made me feel really sad and I do not know why. He was doing a good job seating people and resetting the tables after they were cleared. He did not seem to mind it. Earlier today I saw another kid from Jax's class mowing the lawn at my old house and last Wednesday he helped mow ours (we hire his dad's lawn service to mow). I have such mixed emotions about 12 year olds working like that. I know they are helping their parents out and probably get paid some too but they are kids.

When I think back though, when I was 12 I had a paper route at the hospital, walking around from room to room to sell papers to convalescing people. I did it every Sunday with Ramona. It was kind of scary going in the rooms so Ramona did it mostly while I stayed out and got the papers ready for the next room. I think that is what helped prep her to be a nurse! And the awful hospital smell!** Of course we would blow all of our profits in the canteen on Mars bars and other junk. But it was nice having that little bit of money (a couple of dollars each week).

Maybe I baby my kids too much? Maybe they need more chores? A job? Hmmm...

** When I was in Toronto last month, one of my aunts was in the hospital and died. The moment I walked into the doors of the hospital (same one I sold newspapers in) that smell came back to me. Who can believe that 33 years later the place still smells the exact same?

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