Friday, June 11, 2010

Another week has gone by without a blog post from me. Am I ready to give this up? I don't think so. Just need to put visiting my blahg back into my daily routine. Sorry, faithful reader(s).

School is almost out for the year. Just 3 days left. Two and a half, actually, since the kids get out at 11:30 on Wednesday. Monday is the 6th Grade Promotion and I had (unwisely) signed up to do too many things. I am feeling a little resentful because now, instead of enjoying the activities, I am responsible for other people's good times. I am helping out with the luncheon for the 6th graders, which I honestly do not mind doing. I need to be at the school for 9am to help set up. I am also supplying a cake (not a problem). What I did not anticipate was when I volunteered to help with refreshments for after the ceremony, how much was was really involved and how stressed I am about it. Aargh! Also, as part of the team, I did not realize until this week that I am responsible for helping decorate the gymnasium after school today. Blech. I know that volunteering is very important but I have a history of volunteering to do too much all at the same time. I have also decided that when Dex is in 6th grade, I will not do anything but come to the party and enjoy.

Actually, I do not even know if Dex will go to 6th grade at our school or not. The district is moving away from Jr High (grades 7-9) towards middle schools (5-8) and I am not quite sure if Dex's grade will be the first to be in middle school in 6th grade.

Anyway...just looking forward to the end of this school year. We haven't any summer plans as yet. No golf lessons this year. The kids just are not that interested in it and now that Jax is older, his lessons would be on a different day than Dex and Cars. So we'll look into something else.

Oh, better run. Maytag repairman is due to arrive anytime and I forgot to empty my dishwasher (it has been recalled due to the heating element causing fires).

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