Sunday, June 13, 2010

It is amazing what a little sunshine after eons of rain will do the to soul. I feel so good and cheery and happy. :)

Tomorrow is Jax's 6th grade promotion. I am torn between feeling so happy for him and so sad because my baby is growing up. Mostly, I am happy and very, very proud of him. He is a great kid!

One of my friends is moving to the Netherlands for three years. I am so excited for her and a little sad for me because I will miss her. She and I work out together every Wednesday in the circuit training class and make fun of our instructor together. He is funny and takes the teasing well. Anyway, I'll miss her and look forward to their return in three years.

And on a final note, a Denine in Ottawa thinks my email is her email and registered for (the "welcome" note arrived in my inbox). I viewed her matches (had the pw reset sent to my email) and I think I need to tweak her profile. I am sure she can do better. :)

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