Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jax's 504 Plan review meeting went well.  He grudgingly accepted that it was good for him after all.  Then a few days later we received a letter in the mail about the free practice SAT test that the school was going to be offering to all sophomores during school time.  The letter apologized and said that they were not able to accommodate students who had 504 Plans issued under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Jax freaked out and said "What?!  I am considered DISABLED because of that?!".  "That" being the 504 Plan. 

I tried to explain he is only considered eligible because he has a condition that could affect a major life function (breathing if he has an anaphylactic reaction).  And of course he does not need any accommodations for taking tests so I told him it was just a form letter sent to every family and student with a 504 Plan.  He is still fuming about it because he is embarrassed.  :\

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