Friday, March 02, 2012

I have been spending all of my free time lately on two things.  The first is Pinterest.  I have spent hours and hours pouring over all of the cool (and not so cool) things that people pin there.  It has made me a bit better cook even!  DH is happy with me trying new recipes (the kids are not).  Pinterest is fun but definitely a time suck.

The second is the Game of Thrones book series.  I just finished the third book (A Storm of Swords) and I am DYING because I do not yet have the 4th book.  I do not have it because I have a book club book to read and if I had A Feast for Crows there is no way I would touch the book club book.  Not that it isn't interesting but I am so wrapped up in the stories and characters in the GOT series that I just cannot put the books down.  And never mind that each book is hundreds and hundreds of pages long.  But they are so good. I highly recommend them.

So, these things, along with hockey and basketball games and practices, have kept me from doing things like cleaning my house, updating my blahg and exercising.  Yeah, Pinterest and books are to blame for my potato-shaped body.  Totally.

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