Monday, March 05, 2012

I finally finished my wood carving!  I really enjoyed making it and I think it is so beautiful.  It is the first piece that the instructor always makes his new students do.  One of the women in my class has made two of them (which I did think about doing) but I have decided to make a different project. My next one is a whale but instead of being just a relief carving, it will be a little more 3-dimensional. 


  1. D, I thought I'd comment today. That is a beautiful carving. When do you work on the next one?
    I hope you are in good health and your family is well. Your boys must be getting so big and even more handsome now.

  2. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Hi Amy, thanks for the comment. The kids are doing well and are getting big. I hope you and yours are doing well also. Still in FLA?
    I have already started on my next carving and hope to have it finished by the end of next month. Fingers crossed!
    - Pez