Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My dear poor neglected blahg.  I have said this many times yet I continue to turn my back on you.  Please forgive me.

This past month has been a busy one.  The kids missed 3 days of school for snow days one week although it seemed like more because the Monday there was no school for MLK Jr. Day and then Tuesday was a late start because of the snow and then we received messages from the school district to pick up the kids early for a snow emergency so that day they were only in school 3 hours, of which 1 hour was lunch and recess!

The snow days were also ice days and the region was hit hard with an unforecasted ice storm.  So the day they promised warm weather we got an ice storm which knocked out power all over.  We lost it for "only" 22 hours.  That is a long time when it is cold out.  We had a generator but dolts like us forgot to buy gas.  And of course the nearest gas station had no power and the roads were too tretcherous to drive.  Our very kind and helpful neighbour helped us syphon gas so we were able to get the generator working to power up the fridge, freezer and a lamp.  Later, we unplugged the freezer (it was packed FULL and in the garage so nothing was going to defrost) so we could watch a dvd on tv.  Our wood stove helped keep the family room warm and we slept fine until 3am when it got a little chilly after the fire went out.  I restarted it and at 5am we awoke to the sound of the computers powering back up.  Hurray!

Then we had a week of catch-up since so many things were canceled due to the storms.  And hockey, hockey and more hockey, of course.  Plus Dex started playing basketball at the Boys and Girls Club so that has made our Saturdays a bit hectic.

I finished my first wood carving session and start up again next week.  I finished carving my piece but now I have to paint it which I hope to complete shortly after our first class.  Then on to my next carving which, at this point, I have no idea what to carve.  Lots of thinking to be done in the next week.

Book Club is this week and I am way behind on my reading.  The book has finally piqued my interest so hopefully I will find some time to plough through it in the next two days.

And now it is time to make dinner.  Dear Blahg, I will write again soon.  I promise.

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