Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tomorrow makes the 10th anniversary of the Nisqually Earthquake here in Washington State. It was the first earthquake that I ever felt and it was pretty big - 6.8 and lasted nearly 45 seconds.

It was late in the morning and I was still in my jammies. Jax was playing quietly nearby (I was reading my forums) and Dex was asleep on the couch. I heard a rumbling and thought it was a loud truck going by. The house started to shake too and I thought that it must be a really LARGE truck. Then I looked across the family room into the kitchen and I could see the house rolling and it clicked - EARTHQUAKE! I picked Jax up and ran under a doorway. I clearly wasn't thinking correctly because I left Dex sleeping on the couch! OMG! What kind of mother does that?!

When the house stopped rolling (it seemed to last forever but it was just about 45 seconds), I rushed back to Dex who did not even stir. Nevertheless, I picked him up and I was shaking a bit. For some reason I could not make calls but could take calls coming in. Stephen called to see if we were ok. He was pretty shaken up because he was in a taller building at work and could really feel the building sway.

There was no damage to our house or belongings with the exception that the top row of my PEZ collection fell down! Several others "danced around" and were facing the wrong direction. I am sure it wasn't worse because the cabinet was strapped to the wall.

Anyway, I have felt just one small one since that first BIG one but I did not realize it was an earthquake - I just thought the washing machine was too full and was shaking the house. I hope we don't have any others anytime soon. I look at the destruction of Christchurch in New Zealand with 145 dead and still a couple of hundred people missing, and I think about how lucky we were that the Nisqually Earthquake was deep in the ground (about 32 miles!) as it did not cause nearly the kind of damage that one at a much shallower depth would cause. And just to say, there definitely was some damage (google Nisqually earthquake images) but no casualties and not many injuries. We were so lucky.

So Happy Anniversary Nisqually Quake. Hope we never have to celebrate the anniversary a new quake.
Here's a photo of road damage (approximately 2.25 miles from me as the crow flies)

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