Friday, February 11, 2011

Cars' teacher told me today that all of the girls are all ga-ga over him in class. She said that the hasn't done anything to encourage it but all of the girls fawn over him. Cars frequently gets chosen to help out the star of the day if it is a girl. He has been bringing home drawings that one girl at his table group has been making for him. Another girl just cannot wait to say HI to me when I come in the room then tell me all about what Cars has been up to.

He, I think, is oblivious to it. Well, oblivious to the fact that they are girls. Besides, he only has eyes for one girl - T. She was in his class last year and he is always telling me about what she did at recess. The other day he was eating an apple and was trying to get the little stem off. I told him he needed to hang on to it and twist it around and for every turn, you say A-B-C and whatever letter you are at when it pops off will be the first initial of the girl you will marry. When it popped off at D he told me that it should have been a T (!).

I'd better watch out for my son, the lady's man!

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