Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I worked in the health room at the school again today. I always get a kick out of the kids who come in there. Today we had 4 "head injuries" (kids bumped heads at recess), two kids with muddy clothes from falling in the snow at recess as well as a couple of belly aches.

One of the boys with a "head injury" insisted in lying on the bed with an ice pack on his head. Whenever I would turn my back to him, he'd let out a loud moan and would look away quickly when I turned back to him. I was concerned at first that he was really hurt until I spoke to his mom (protocol to call all parents when kids have hit any part of their head). She said with a heavy sigh that he had at least one "head injury" a month last year and it looked like this year he was on target for repeating that feat. He wasn't too keen on returning to class until the school secretary came in and sent him back. She told me jokingly that I needed to toughen up and send the kids back to class. I can't do it!

I have enjoyed volunteering in the health room this year. Some of the kids are so funny and some are a little sad. We see "frequent fliers" and some kids trying to be so tough when they are clearly hurt. I give clean clothes to kids who have fallen in the mud or peed their pants. They get a little pat on the shoulder with their bandaids and it is amazing how much better these kids can feel with an ice pack wrapped in a paper towel.

And when some of the 5th and 6th grade girls come in with stomach aches, I feel for them because I think some of them are probably experiencing their first menstrual cramps. I love the brave little boys who come in with blood streaming from their knees saying that "it doesn't even hurt!" while they wait patiently for me to put on my blue nitrile gloves (they finally replaced the latex gloves when I told them I had a sensitivity and wouldn't be able to continue to volunteer unless the blue gloves returned).

Anyway, I am only in their 2 days a month and it is a pretty easy volunteer gig. And much more interesting that photocopying (but not as fun as teaching Art Start). I am looking forward to my next shift.

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