Friday, January 07, 2011

What's this all aboot?

My kids were making fun of my Canadian accent today. I barely have one left but there are certain words that my kids say I say "wrong". One is "Sorry" and the other is "Mom". Now, I pronounce Sorry the right way - Sore-eee instead of Saw-ree. Or Sow-ree. Either way it is WRONG.

And while I do write "Mom", I pronounce it "Mum" (as do virtually ALL Canadians) but my kids say MOM. It does irk me a bit and I have often, over the years, told them they are saying it wrong.

Of course there is also the ZED vs ZEE. I will admit that I have virtually Americanized myself into saying ZEE but it was only after Jax corrected me for the umpteenth time a couple of years ago that I finally conceded and decided to say ZEE. I do usually have to think about it though so when spelling things, I pause when I get to ZED...ZEE!

Anyway, the kids had a good laugh at me tonight. I told them that they would be made fun of if they moved to Canada for their accents (which really are not "bad" since they have grown up out here which is virtually accent-free). My nieces have a blend of southern (4 years in Florida) and midwestern (6 years in Illinois and 5 years in Minnesota/Wisconsin/Iowa) and sometimes it hurts my ears (sorry girls). Fortunately, their accents are just slight. Whew!

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