Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cars redeemed himself and was able to earn back 2 of his evenings (he still went to bed right after dinner tonight).

Bad dentist appointment for him today too - 4 cavities! Yikes! They are all between his teeth and thankfully all are baby teeth. He has a bad gag reflex so I cannot floss for him (my fingers make him gag). I bought him flossers and he told me that he was using them but apparently not. And bad mom that I am, I do not supervise his tooth brushing. (he pushes so hard to be treated like his older brothers that sometimes it is just easier to do that and then things like this happen) :\ Anyway, it was an ordeal to get the x-rays today (took over 20 minutes) because he kept gagging on the bite-wing (are they still called that even though they don't look like that anymore and they are digital x-rays?).

So to get his teeth filled, they are going to have him take some nitrous oxide. I have never had it (I think because of the expense - it not covered by insurance). I also asked that he has his work done by the more experienced dentist. The other one who works there is nice enough but I think she is a little impatient with children. It was a little awkward to ask for Dr. N only and the receptionist said (a little too loud IMO), "DO YOU WANT ME TO FLAG IT SO YOU SEE DR. N ONLY?" I thought for sure that Dr. S was going to be walking around the corner to find out who the receptionist was talking to! Ack! Anyway, I said it was just for any restorative work for the kids that I want Dr. N. So we have to wait a month to get in to see her but that's ok.

In the meantime, Cars now gets a flossing supervisor every evening.

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