Friday, April 15, 2016

My Baby is 18!

Jax turned 18 yesterday. I have so many mixed feelings about it. I am sad that he will be gone from home soon. I am proud that he is a fine young man. I am happy that he survived to adulthood (how many times over the years, especially the early years was I sure that he was going to die from his peanut allergy?!). 

Since it is his first birthday as an adult (and last birthday spent at "home"), I wanted to make sure it was special. I went to the party store to buy a #18 candle but the lady at the party store talked me into buying this musical blooming candle instead. She said it was very impressive. She said I should be sure to light it in front of Jax so he'd get the full experience of the the centre lighting the other candles as it "bloomed".
Ok, as you can see, there are FLAMES shooting out of the centre, not a candle. Jax had to lean back to stop from getting burned. The candle also rotated around and played "Happy Birthady". So he blew out the candles but the thing kept rotating and playing Happy Birthday. I took it off the cake (Oreo pie actually) and the spring broke so it stopped rotating but kept playing Happy Birthday. We pulled it apart to get it to stop but on and on it played. DH pulled the electronics out of it and yet it played on! Finally, we had to rip the battery of out it to make it stop! OMG!
So, if the lady at the party store in Redmond tries to talk you into this candle, beware!


  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Off topic but are you still friends with Ramona? Does she still have a blahg? Used to read it many years ago. Julie

  2. I am still friends with Ramona but she no longer has an active blog.