Monday, March 28, 2016

Miss Me?

Dear Reader (J), thanks for leaving a comment and asking for an update. I appreciate that you asked and are out there.

We had a really, really busy hockey season this year. Cars' team had so many away games the last few weeks so it seems that we were rarely home on the weekend, neglecting Jax and Dex! Anyway, it finally finished two weekends ago but now we have him on a Spring team that will practice in April and May and go to a tournament near the end of May. I did enjoy the season because I saw a lot more of Spy than in the past because her youngest was also on the same team. Cars had a great year and really enjoyed playing - more so than any other year.

Jax starts High School hockey shortly. One or two games/week and no practices. Easy peasy!

Dex did conditioning through the winter and Track season started two weeks ago. He is running longer sprints (400m) and is doing very well. He loves being part of something bigger than himself and he won the cross country "most spirited" award at the end of the cross country season in November. If there is a similar award for track, he may win that too!

Jax has been accepted at 6 universities. Two gave him no money at all and are both out of state so he has crossed those off of his list. Well, he was actually eligible for a "legacy" scholarship of $1250/semester at one of them (dh went there for his masters) but that barely touched the out of state fees. So this coming weekend, Jax and I are off to one of the remaining 3 universities for a weekend of activies to see if that is where he wants to go. He is definitely leaning hard that way. He did get a scholarship at that place but it is still a bit pricier than a state school however, he was accepted directly into the program that he wants to study whereas he cannot apply to the program at the state school until after his first year. So being in the program is very attractive to him (understandably). Anyway, he has to commit to a school by May 1st so he just has a few short weeks to decide.

My mom is doing remarkably better than she was. The week she moved into the nursing home, they put her on an anti-psychotic medication and within a couple of weeks she stopped sounding so crazy and paranoid that people were out to steal her "essence" and frame her for crimes. She is mostly back to her normal self which is really wonderful. She is still blind, of course, and it makes me so sad that she is living in the nursing home and cannot see. She still has her opinions though and told me the other day that my hair "looked like crap when it was long and grey". I reminded her that it was long and grey now and she told me that it was different now (different because I do get a few blond highlights in it to try to blend the grey).

We will be going to TO to see my mom, and my MIL. My MIL's cancer returned and chemo has not stopped it from spreading although it did stop what was there from getting bigger. Cancer is in her stomach, liver, kidneys, everywhere. She tried to get into an experimental treatment but found out last week that she was not accepted. So she will probably try another chemo drug as they look for another test for her. I feel so badly for her. And for DH. He is pretty mum about the whole thing but I know he is shaken up. Cancer sucks!

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  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    I hope you are not getting two messages from me. I tried to post yesterday but I don't think it worked???? Thanks for the update! Those boys are keeping you crazy busy. Looking back I loved that time in my kids lives. At the time it was exhausting but well worth it! So glad to hear a good update from your mom. Prays for your mil. It is so tiring and draining worrying about and making sure our aging parents are o.k. Julie