Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sisters are

My mom.

My poor mom.

It is sad enough that she had to deal with a physical affliction (blindness stemming from chronic illness - giant cell arteritis). But now to continue to have psychological issues on top of it (stemming, no doubt, from prednisone - the drug used to treat her affliction).

My mom got stuck in time last week. She was stuck in time before she was born. She was worried about how things would play out, being stuck in time before she was born. How would the nurses, who are much younger than she is, come to give her the meds each morning since they also had not been born yet? In the end, she decided to just sit and wait to see what happened and if time resolved itself.

She did not, however, reveal to just anyone that she was stuck in time. She left lovely info for my poor aunt, her sister, who has been dealing with the brunt of everything. My aunt called my brother and told him that we all needed to come see my mom because this was the weirdest thing she had ever said and she was stuck in time for two days (the longest that my mom has been saying weird things).

So, I decided I should go. But then my sister decided she was going this weekend. So I did not book my trip.

We should have know...

I have posted about my sister in the past and, dear reader, if there are any of you left, you may remember having read about her. I have deleted most of my blahg postings about her.  She is ... hard to describe.

Actually, not that hard to describe.

My sister is bitter, mean, depressed, angry. There is no joy in her life except when she is making others miserable. I don't know that to be true, really, but it must be because she is often making people feel miserable and shitty so that must make her happy or why would she do it, right?

She loves two people in her life - her son and daughter (both adults and from what I understand, great kids). I suppose she loves my mom too. She did, after all, decide to go see her.

So, my sister's daughter is an EMT and she can get these discounted plane tickets so my sister was able to get a ticket to see my mom and flew yesterday morning. My mom was so happy that my sister was coming to visit. Really happy! I was happy that my mom was happy and that my sister was going when it was so freaking cold (record cold temperatures in Toronto!).

Now, my sister does not have anything to do with me - long story but she blocked me on facebook in October after I defriended her after she reported a photo that I put up of us as kids with our pumpkin - a freaking 40+ year old picture!! So I really did not want to call my mom while my sister was there so we have had minimal contact these past couple of days but this is what happened as told to me by my youngest brother.

So, my sister arrived Friday and my mom was delighted. Saturday morning I woke up and got on my iPad ans say these messages from my brother on Facebook:

So who wants to come to Toronto to bail J out when she gets arrested?
I just got a call from the Suites (assisted living) and first of all mom never told them that J was coming
This morning J was yelling and screaming at the staff, saying they are treating mom like a dog and swearing
She was threatening them
She made several of the nurses cry
They are all afraid to approach her.
I told B (director at assisted living) that if she causes anymore problems to call the police
Auntie is picking them up in a little while to go to her place for lunch and hopefully keep them there for a long time.
J called Auntie and was cursing up a storm about these "fuckin' ladies here" and said she is going home, she can't take seeing the way they treat mom
Mom was in the background crying and yelling if you leave I will never talk to you again

And a couple of hours later:

I just got off the phone with the director of the home.
She told me J is not allowed to come back.
So my poor brother, who is a about 1.5 hours east of the city at his daughter's basketball tournament is dealing with this shit and my sister is behaving like a lunatic! 

And my poor mom!!


Damn it
Mom is saying that they can't take her away from me
She said I have to tell them she is bipolar
I said that is not an excuse for assaulting people.
Bipolar Is not a defense against committing a crime.
I hung up on mom

Let's be clear here. My sister has not ever been diagnosed with being bipolar. She has been diagnosed with depression in the past. Really, she is just a mean person. My mom is *sure* she is bipolar but only because my sister will talk to her sometimes and not talk to her at others so my mom takes that as the highs and lows of being bipolar.

So, my sister goes to Toronto, threatens and screams at all of the staff in my mom's assisted living who are responsible for my mom's care, gets herself  BANNED from the place and then throws another hissy fit, changes her flight and is planning to fly home first thing in the morning. Thankfully she is able to stay with my Aunt.

This is un-fucking-believable!

My youngest brother is now left to mop up the mess in dealing with my mom and with the assisted living centre who had to BAN MY SISTER! OMG, that is so embarrassing!

Meanwhile, DH stayed overnight in Vancouver on a business trip last night so when he arrived home I told him all of it and his response "When are you going?".

I don't want to go!

My poor mom.

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