Monday, February 23, 2015

I was trying to find a post about my sister yesterday (before I remembered that I deleted most of them) and I found this. I wrote it over 9 years ago:

Here is the list of 50 Things About Me (this is a repeat for anyone who may read HER TIME on Delphiforums):

1. I am 40 years old but still feel 18 sometimes (not youthful, just immature) **almost 50 and still feel the same
2. I have three boys
3. I always thought I would have a girl
4. I met my dh at university
5. We were in almost all of the same psychology classes together that year
6. He asked me to marry him twice
7. I said no the first time
8. I am a chronic worrier
9. I probably should be on anti-anxiety medication **now have Xanax to take just in case
10. But that worries me more than the anxiety
11. I had (have) post-partum depression after my third child
12. I am still going to counselling for it two years later but go once every three weeks now **no more
13. I love being creative
14. I make beaded jewerly, I knit (simple items), and I paint **now I do wood carving
15. I would love to go back to school for graphic design  **still think about this!
16. But I worry about the cost, if I am good enough, etc
17. I wish I had more friends IRL
18. I would rather stick hot pokers in my eyes than speak in public
19. I get tongue-tied when I am nervous and end up sounding like a fool
20. I miss Toronto and hope to move back there one day  **good God no! But Vancouver is a possibility
21. I haven't lived there in 12 years  **21 years
22. I hate cold winters though so I will probably stay here with the cool, wet winters
23. I think all.the.time about losing weight  **same
24. Especially when I am sitting around eating chocolate **same
25. I don't like my sister **same
26. Although really I think I don't like her because I feel rejected by her **same
27. She will not speak to anyone in the family except for my mom because "we are all strangers to her" **same
28. We are strangers because she will not speak to us **same
29. I am sometimes embarrassed when people ask me about her and I cannot tell them more than what I have heard from my mom **same
30. I pray for her a lot **same
31. I pray for my husband too
32. I wish he would attend Church with us
33. I worry about Jackson being exposed to peanuts, especially peanut butter because it is so insidious and gets everywhere **and now Carson to tree nuts since he was not yet diagnosed at the time I originally posted this
34. When I was in the deep depths of ppd, I used to think it might be better if he died so I didn't have to worry about him and peanut butter anymore
35. That is when I sought help
36. I have never told anyone that before and wonder if I am brave enough not to edit it
37. I feel guilty about those thoughts everyday
38. I want to let my hair grow grey  **btdt now I am blondish because it blends better with grey
39. I wish I could afford to go to a salon every 4 weeks to colour it
40. I am lazy
41. I am too cheap to go to Starbucks  **same
42. I get jealous watching Oprah's "Favorite Things" episodes  **thank God Oprah is over
43. I never thought I would be a stay-at-home mom
44. I cannot imagine going back to work in an office
45. My favourite board game is Scrabble but I don't have anyone to play with because Stephen gets annihilated everytime and will not play with me anymore
46. I have wished for world peace every Christmas since I was 10
47. I think Karl Rove is an evil man **same
48. Organized Christmas trees (by colour or theme) are not for me
49. I love decorating my Christmas tree with all the hodgepodge decoartions
50. I hope to catch "Love Actually" on TV this holiday season

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