Sunday, November 10, 2013


The kitchen renovations are coming along.  The new cupboard doors are up and drawer fronts are on.  Well except for the one that literally fell off because the cabinet side cracked.  Hopefully the carpenter will be able to repair it when the comes tomorrow to put up crown moulding since the painters are coming to start prep in two days.

The carpenter brought a buddy to help out last week and buddy dented my hardwood floors. I am pretty upset about it. I told our designer I would not accept anything but a complete fix on it.  Carpenter brought a flooring guy the other day who tried one thing that did not really work but he should be back tomorrow to try something else. I am so torn too because the carpenter is a really nice guy and while his buddy will be the one paying for it, I will not pay the carpenter until the floor is fixed.  Ugh - I hate this. Why can't things just be easy  and straightforward with no problems?

As I said, the painters are coming on Tuesday so we will be without access to our kitchen for about a week. I haven't finished packing everything up just yet either. I had planned to do it tonight but will do it tomorrow afternoon, after the carpenter leaves.

I love my new countertop and am so glad that the ceramic tile counter with the impossible to clean wide grout lines is gone!

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