Thursday, August 30, 2012

School starts next week and I am a little out of sorts.  I thought I had everything in place but I found out that Cars does NOT have school on the first day of school.  School that day is for incoming freshmen/sophomores at the high school, 6th & 7th graders at the middle school (converted from junior high) and kindergartners.  Why is it the first day of school then?!  This not-the-first day first day has screwed up my schedule because I was to start my woodcarving class that day and Cars is still too young to stay home alone. 

Also, even though Dex DOES have school that day (7th grade), he does not start school at regular time that day but 3.5 hours later than usual.  It is not really clear how he will get to school - is there a bus at that weird time?  When will it pick him up?

The insurance company sent me a robocall last night that they have issued me a check for the damage (less deductible) of my car (ok, I guess I did not post about this but I hit a parked car in the parking lot of the orthodontist when I took Jax in to get his braces last week.  I had not entirely decided I was going to go through insurance rather just pay it myself to keep my premiums from going up (or just not repair it at all - just a (not small) scratch).  Now Stephen is concerned that our premiums will skyrocket.  It is not as though I was caught drunk driving or texting and caused a major accident! 

And the wood floors we had installed need to be fixed a bit tomorrow (cracked boards and missed stain in a couple of places) so we need to stay out of our house overnight.  More $$ that we had not anticipated paying.  Part of the rush to get it done when we did was that we were on holidays and did not have to incur extra costs of staying overnight for a few days due to the fumes from the finish.

I guess it is just a busy time.  We've had a (mostly) relaxing, laid-back summer so getting back on a schedule and having a lot of things going on a once seems daunting.  Time to reframe my outlook and get it done.  Things could be worse.  We could be in New Orleans dealing with a hurricane...

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