Sunday, August 26, 2012

I've just found out that a boy from Jax's grade committed suicide.  He was 14 years old.  I have no details and he was not a friend of Jax's (although Jax did know him) and the thought of it is so scary to me that I want to throw up.  His poor parents.  And poor soul for being so distraught that he thought that suicide was the answer to his problems.

I remember being so distraught over boys when I was Jax's age that I wanted "to kill myself" or so I wrote in my diary at the time.  Of course me saying those and going through the actual actions of doing so were miles apart.  There was one girl in school who tried to kill herself because she was gay.  This was in 1980.  So different from today, at least I hope so.  Of course I have no idea why this boy killed himself.  I pray for his soul and for peace and understanding for his parents.


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Our neighbor boy did this last week. He was 18. Sad sad sad. The funeral hit me harder than any I have ever been to and I have buried my dad and niece. Such a horrible thing for the family. Julie

    1. Julie, I am sorry to read that your neighbour did this as well. It is so tragic when a young person takes their own life. I heard today that this boy had been bullied. I am not sure how accurate those rumours are. :(

  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Rumors go crazy when things like this happen. Makes it even harder for the family. How terrible if it was bullying. The rumor around here is that our neighbor had a break up with a girl. He took his life on Sunday and he was to leave for college on Monday. He was all packed and ready to go. I guess that when people take their lives over relationships it is often a spur of the moment act...which makes it even more sad. The priest at the funeral had comforting words. He said to do this a person no longer feels peace on earth so Jesus takes them from their darkness into His light. Julie