Tuesday, April 14, 2015


My first baby turned 17 today. I hate when people say this but...where did the time go?!

Jax was born at 1:06pm via emergency C-section. I tried so hard to deliver him but he was sunny side up and after 2+ hours of pushing, we were exhausted (both baby and me) and his heart rate started dropping so they prepped me and had him delivered in no time!

He is a wonderful kid. He is funny. He is a hard worker. He loves being unique but not too different. He can ride a unicycle and wears heely's (shoes with wheels in the heel) to school sometime just to surprise people. He loves to play hockey because not a lot of people around here play it. He is creative and wants to do something with media or film when he goes away to school. Gah! I can barely even think about that.

All of the things I think and feel about him cannot even be summed up mere words. I am his mom and I love him. Those will words kind of say it all.

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