Sunday, April 28, 2013

So in my last blahg post I mentioned that I was taking Cars in for the status of his incisors and to find out when he gets braces, right?  Well we arrived bright and early at the orthodontist (appointment was at 7:50am) and they call Cars back almost immediately. 

So I wait and I wait and look around and notice that the office was really crowded.  And I wait and I wait and I wait and I see one dad get up and go and ask what is taking so long for his son to come back out. Turns out that there was some issue with his son's braces and teeth and the orthodontist had to do more work than he was expecting so I figure that orthodontist is now behind because of that problem.  And I wait and I wait, wondering what is taking so long for them to look at Cars' teeth and decide if he is ready for braces or not.  And I wait and I wait. 

Finally, 40 minutes later Cars comes walking out WITH BRACES ON HIS TEETH!  WTF!

I guess he was ready.

But I was not!  I thought this appointment was to evaluate but apparently it was we will evaluate and if he is ready we will put them on!  He just has them on the 4 upper front teeth and will get more on a little later.  And I had already paid for this round of braces (and expander) way back in August '11 so the cost was not an issue.  The issue was that I was a terrible mom and did not KNOW he would be getting them and did not prepare him for them!  With the other two I dosed them up on ibuprofen before hand and we discussed how they would feel, blah blah blah and poor Cars walks in and is surprised with them.  Aargh!

Anyway, so I now have 3 kids in brace$ at the same time.

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