Monday, July 02, 2012

When DH fell down the stairs and broke his hand, he also hurt his back.  His hand was hurting so much more so he thought was all that he hurt.  However, over the weeks, his back started hurting more and more so he went to see a back specialist. (his hand btw, is nearly healed now).  He is in horrible pain when he stands and walks but is ok sitting or lying down. 

Anyway, they took xrays and found out that his spine has jammed into his hip and now the muscle is tight and won't release.  So he needs PT.  However, they also saw something weird so he had to go for an MRI and then go back.  The MRI turnedout to be inconclusive so he has to have a CT scan now.  One of the little pointy things on one of his vertabrae is broken off but they cannot tell if it is something that happened when he fell or, more likely, was an injury at birth or even a birth defect. In the meantime they won't start PT until they decide when it happened.  So he has been living on ibuprofen for weeks.  He finally asked for some pain killers and was prescribed some muscle relaxants and was fitted for a back brace.  We are going to Victoria very soon and all of the walking is going to kill him!  The doctor told him the muscle relaxants will probably make him just want to sleep so they will probably be no good to us while we are gone.

So, for pain, Stephen has been chowing down on ibuprofen.  And shortly thereafter his hands started getting really flaky and blistery.  He often gets this in the winter when he wears gloves a lot but his hands were so bad and he thought back to when it started and it was when he started taking ibuprofen.  Doh!  He was having an allergic reaction to it!  So now he won't take anything for the pain (and he needs to let his doctor know about this reaction).

I am leaning towards canceling our Victoria trip until he is better but he doesn't want to.  Misery, here we come!  Wish me luck that I survive the upcoming weeks until his back is better!

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