Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's All Been Done

The favourite song that I like to play in my guitar is "It's All Been Done". I love the song plus it is relatively easy to play with just a few bar(or barre) chords. It is upbeat and fun and one song that I can play. I can also play "Maggie May" for the same reason (although I haven't mastered the intro).

I can also play a lot of little ditty songs by picking out the notes such as "Amazing Grace", "Lavender Blue", "The Star-Spangled Banner", and "The Jamaican Farewell Song".

I have been taking guitar lessons for 2 and a half years and that is all I can play. Oh sure, I can muddle my way (barely) through songs like "Fire and Rain", "Let it Be" and "Please Don't Leave Me" (although I did have to switch to an electric guitar for Let it Be and Please Don't Leave Me because the barre chords were killer on my fingers and wrists on the acoustic because the strings are so much harder).

I am not sure what I expected with guitar. Did I think I would be able to play like Nancy Wilson from Heart by now? I think my expectations were very unrealistic, never mind the fact that I do not practice nearly enough.

So here I am, at the crossroads - do I continue or do I quit? I am worried that if I quit I will never pick up my guitar again. And if I continue, I must commit myself to really practicing and spending more time just playing in general.

Tonight I practiced for about and hour. My fingers are almost bleeding and they are sore but it is a good kind of sore. Enough to know that I did practice and I know did have a bit of a breakthrough on one song. Let's hope I still feel the itch to play again tomorrow.

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